Loving the Dubai outdoors: Skydiving

Dubai is an absolutely amazing city. From a barren, uninhabited desert of not so long ago, it has now reached tremendous popularity in the tourism industry and has successfully carried out the increasing demands.

This should be the first of many articles that I’m hoping to come up with highlighting the best and most of Dubai and its mother nation, the United Arab Emirates.

To start with, Dubai is topping the charts as a perfect skydiving destination. Couldn’t be happier I’ve had the chance to do it here.  Skydive Dubai, now a rising and highly-celebrated skydive resort ever ventured in the Middle East, offers diverse skydiving courses from first time to veteran jumpers.  My colleague and I, who concocted this crazy idea despite the scream of terror and fear, signed ourselves up for a tandem jump.

That fateful morning started by reading a 4-page waiver, which basically is skimming through and filling up a death wish.  Well at least it would be a happy death, my mate and I kidded each other.  After a short one-on-one briefing by an experienced staff,  we made our way out to the aircraft. We skyrocketed into a soaring 13,000 feet before jumping and free-falling for about a minute hovering above the iconic Palm Jumeirah.

There was no describing how awesome that particular moment was. One thing is sure though, it was definitely the best one minute of my life. The free-fall was an experience of a lifetime. I say, a perfect adrenaline shot for the adrenaline junkies. Surreal. Beyond words.

Upon swooping to 6,000 feet, my gorgeous-looking (ahem) instructor opened his parachute and offered guidance as we navigated it together over the absolutely stunning Dubai coastline. Gladly, I hadn’t swooned. My eyes feasted over the spectacular view underneath. The pristine beach on one side was immensely beckoning, while the towering skyscrapers on the other side was equally breathtaking.  I seriously wished I could suspend up there forever.

Oh well, have you now thought of revising your bucket list? I sure do hope so.


11 thoughts on “Loving the Dubai outdoors: Skydiving

    • Lol. You can still go without them knowing. Double the tension and fun he he. Thanks Marilag. might bump shoulders with you someday, somewhere.

      • wooohooo! That’s scary. I don’t want to take the risk 🙂 When I’m done with the rest on my bucket list or when I’m already suicidal, I’ll try to think about Sky Diving. For now, I’ll stick to the less harmful to dos! LOL Well, hope to bump with you in one of my travels! 🙂 That will be cool! 🙂

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